1373 Private Alfred Henry Hook VC



Private (later Sergeant) of the 2nd Battalion, 24th Regiment (later The South Wales Borderers). He was born in Churcham, Gloucestershire on 6th August, 1850 and died in Gloucester on 12th March 1905. His VC is on display at The Royal Regiment of Wales Museum.

Account of deed: On 22/23 January 1879 at Rorke's Drift, Natal, South Africa a distant room of the hospital had been held for more than an hour by three privates and when finally they had no ammunition left the Zulus burst in, and killed one of the men and two patients. One of the privates (John Williams) however succeeded in knocking a hole in the partition and taking the last two patients through into the next ward, where he found Private Hook These two men then worked together - one holding the enemy at bayonet point while the other broke through three more partitions - and they were then able to bring eight patients into the inner line of defence.

Account of Deed taken from 'The Register of the Victoria Cross', published by This England.

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Henry Hook listed his trade as a farm labourer when he joined the army in 1877. He was married and had served with the Monmouth Militia before enlisting in the regular army. He was awarded his Victoria Cross at Rorke's Drift on 3rd August 1879 by Sir Garnet Wolseley. He left the army in 1880, but upon returning home, discovered that his wife, thinking he was dead, had remarried. He worked at the British Museum and remarried in 1897. He also served as a Sergeant in the 1st Volunteer battalion, Royal Fusiliers. He retired in 1904 due to ill health and died in his home at 2 Osborn Villas, Roseberry Avenue, Gloucester of pulmonary tuberculosis.

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Henry Hook is buried at St. Andrews, Churcham, Gloucestershire

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